This attitude ... that people in ... the rest of the country don't care about the water they drink or the air they breathe and are not going to take care of the air and the water locally and states, I just don't believe that.

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

For addressing pollution, public health, ... [with] electricity: wind, concentrated solar, geothermal, solar photovoltaics, tidal, wave and hydroelectric power are the best overall options.

A roadmap for repowering California for all purposes with wind, water and sunlight

Technically and economically, [transitioning to clean, renewable energy is] pretty straightforward.

Stanford University Engineering Professor

The prices for renewables have come down farther and faster than anyone thought was possible.

Vice President of Energy Innovation

Climate and clean energy policies are good for American pocketbooks. California's efficiency standards will save consumers $373 million [in electricity costs] each year.

California Government Agency